Factors influencing the cultivated land abandonment of households of different types: A case study of 12 typical villages in Chongqing Municipality
Author 作者: HUA Xiaobo, Z. Li, Jianzhong Yan, L. Xin, Xiubin Li
Source 出處: Geographical Research
E-ISSN: 1000-0585
Publisher Area 出版地: Beijing
Publisher 出版單位: Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research
Volume 卷: 33
Issue 期: 4
Page 頁數: 721-734
Date 出版日期: 2014
Resource Type 資料性質:Journals 期刊
Language 語言:English 英語
Access Conditon 開放狀態:Link 資源連結
Author Archive 已收藏作者: HUA Xiaobo 花 暁波

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