Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistic Society
ISSN: 1836-6821

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Social Sciences 社會科學:Linguistics 語言學
JSEALS is the peer-reviewed, open-access, electronic journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society. The journal accepts submissions written in English that deal with general linguistic issues which further the lively debate that characterizes the annual SEALS conferences. Devoted to a region of extraordinary linguistic diversity, the journal features papers on the languages of Southeast Asia, including Austroasiatic, Austronesian, Hmong-Mien, Tibeto-Burman, and Tai-Kadai. Topics may include descriptive, theoretical, or historical linguistics, dialectology, sociolinguistics, anthropological linguistics, and applied linguistics (e.g., language planning and policy, language pedagogy and acquisition, orthography development and testing, literacy development and acquisition, etc.), among other areas of linguistics of languages of Southeast Asia. JSEALS also admits data papers, reports, and notes, subject to an internal review process.

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