Journal of Asia Pacific Studies
ISSN: 1948-0091
E-ISSN: 1948-0105

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Humanities 人文學科:Humanities 人文學科
Social Sciences 社會科學:Social Sciences 社會科學
The Journal of Asia Pacific Studies aims to serve as an outlet for research dealing with the interdisciplinary field of Asia Pacific Studies. As one of the most dynamic regions in the world, the Asia Pacific is of interest to a vast array of scholars and practitioners from many fields. Interest in the region is no longer limited to a few elite centers in the Global North but rather has spread to Latin America and other regions of the developing world. Moreover, Central America has started to look East as a way to diversify its traditional reliance on the Atlantic and North America. Due to the previously mentioned increased interest in the Pacific and Asia as its hub, the International Academy of Social Sciences (IASS) publishes the Journal of Asia Pacific Studies.

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