Journal of ASEAN Dynamics and Beyond
E-ISSN: 2775-7536

Subject 主題:

Humanities 人文學科:History 歷史
Journal of ASEAN Dynamics and Beyond is an international, interdisciplinary and open access social sciences journal covering a variety of topics (culture, economics, geography, politics, society) from both historical and contemporary perspectives. The topics should be related to the ASEAN or Southeast Asia, but are not restricted to the geographical region, when spatial and political borders of Southeast Asia are crossed or transcended, e.g., in the case of linguistics, diaspora groups or forms of socio-cultural transfer. The Journal publishes two issues per year and we welcome submissions at any time. The journal invites both established as well as young scholars to present research results and theoretical or methodical discussions, to report about on-going research projects or field studies, to publish conference reports, to conduct interviews with experts in the field, and to review relevant books. Articles should be submitted in English.

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