Geographical Review
ISSN: 167428
E-ISSN: 19310846

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Social Sciences 社會科學:Geography 地理學
As the oldest journal in the United States devoted exclusively to geography and the leading journal of geography for the past 150 years, the Geographical Review contains original and authoritative articles on all aspects of geography. The Geographical Review welcomes authoritative, original, ably illustrated, and well-written manuscripts on any topic of geographical importance. Specifically, submissions in the areas of human geography, physical geography, nature/society, and GIScience are welcome, especially inasmuch as they can speak to a broad spectrum of readers. We encourage empirical studies that are grounded in theory, innovative syntheses that offer a deeper understanding of a phenomenon, and research that leads to potential policy prescriptions. The writing in the Geographical Review has always been of a high quality, interesting and accessible to both specialists and nonspecialists. Authors are encouraged to write articles that they themselves would enjoy reading. The Geographical Review also includes special features, forum articles, and special review articles commissioned by the editor. Each issue includes reviews of recent books, monographs, and atlases in geography and related fields.

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