Food Policy
ISSN: 0306-9192

Subject 主題:

Food Policy is a multidisciplinary journal publishing original research and novel evidence on issues in the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of policies for the food sector in developing, transition, and advanced economies. Our main focus is on the economic and social aspect of food policy, and we prioritize empirical studies informing international food policy debates. Provided that articles make a clear and explicit contribution to food policy debates of international interest, we consider papers from any of the social sciences. Papers from other disciplines (e.g., law) will be considered only if they provide a key policy contribution, and are written in a style which is accessible to a social science readership. Policy issues that are relevant to the journal include: • Food production, trade, marketing, and consumption • Nutrition and health aspects of food systems • Food needs, entitlements, security, and aid • Food safety and quality assurance • Technological and institutional innovation affecting food systems and access • Food systems and environmental sustainability Conceptual and methodological articles should be written so that they are accessible to the journal's diverse international readership. We normally do not publish review papers, although we might make rare exceptions for rigorous and critical reviews on topical issues.

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