Antropologi Indonesia
ISSN: 1693-167X
E-ISSN: 1693-6086

Subject 主題:

Social Sciences 社會科學:Anthropology 人類學, Ethnology 民族學
ANTROPOLOGI INDONESIA was published to develop and enrich scientific discussion for scholars focusing on socio-cultural issues in Indonesia. This journal applies a peer-reviewed process in selecting high-quality articles. Editors welcome article submissions based on original research findings and/or new theoretical positions within contemporary debates pertaining to anthropology, Indonesian studies and beyond. Authors are solely responsible for the contents of their submissions. Published articles do not necessarily reflect the position or opinions of the editors. The criteria of the submitted manuscripts are expected to touch one or more of the following themes: ethnographic/qualitative research findings on topics related to, or comparatively relevant to, socio-cultural issues in Indonesia; discussion of applied and collaborative research on development or policy-related engagements highlighting social, political, and cultural issues in Indonesia and beyond; elabrated discussions on current theoretical, methodological or ethical issues facing anthropolog in Indonesia and beyond; and last, critical reviews of anthropology-related literature and ethnographic monographs published within the last 3 years.

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