Language & Linguistics 語言暨語言學
ISSN: 1606-822X
E-ISSN: 2309-5067

Subject 主題:

Social Sciences 社會科學:Linguistics 語言學

《語言暨語言學》期刊為唯一同時收錄英文及正體中文之國際語言學期刊,於2007年起更為SSCI及A&HCI等重要索引資料庫所收錄,另外,本刊亦同時收錄於 MLA International Bibliography、CSA Linguistics & Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA) 、Bibliographie linguistique/Linguistic bibliography、Current Contents/Arts and Humanities 、Journal Citation Reports/Social Sciences Edition, Linguistics Abstracts 、SCOPUS、THCI 等知名索引資料庫。

LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS is an academic publication of the Institute of Linguistics at Academia Sinica. Established in 2000, it publishes research in general and theoretical linguistics on the languages of East Asia and the Pacific region, including Sino-Tibetan, Austronesian, and the Austroasiatic and Altaic language families (Indo-European and Afro-Asiatic languages are not included). LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS publishes both a journal and a monograph series. LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS is a pure linguistics journal. We publish articles on general and theoretical linguistic studies, but not articles on applied linguistics such as language teaching, language learning, or translation.

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